Each horse member planning to show a horse at the fair must complete a Horse Project Notebook.  These are due to your leader prior to the last Horse Leader's meeting, typically two weeks before the Fair.

 The following files are Microsoft Word files. 

HorseNotebookBeginner.doc HorseNotebookBeginner.doc
Size : 0.049 Kb
Type : doc
HorseNotebookIntermediate.doc HorseNotebookIntermediate.doc
Size : 0.056 Kb
Type : doc
HorseNotebookAdvanced.doc HorseNotebookAdvanced.doc
Size : 0.052 Kb
Type : doc

Below are suggested project books to be used with Branch Bud members.

 The following files are "zipped" or compressed.  You may need to download Stuff-It Expander to open them.

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