The Branch County Horse Leaders Association is proud to announce the implementation of our 11th annual scholarship!  The scholarship is available to 4-Hers ages 17-19.  There will be up to two $500 scholarships and one $250 scholarship awarded in 2022.  The deadline is June 1, 2022!  See the application  requirements.

Congratulations to our previous Horse Leader's Scholarship recipients!

2020: Rachel Bowers, Flying Hoofs ($500)

Jacie King, Flying Hoofs ($500)

2019: Asya Modert, Commancheros ($500)

2018: Adison Miller, Flying Hoofs ($500)

Merannda Russell, Boots N Jeans ($500)

Josie Howard, Commancheros ($250)

2017: Cole Bowers, Flying Hoofs ($500)

Kyle Russell, Boots N Jeans ($500)


2015: Corissa Ross, Ghost Riders ($500)

Teesha Swank, Hoof Beats ($500)

Emily Schaab, Hoof Beats ($250)

2014: Kayla Wilson, Flying Hoofs ($500)

Shelbey Smith, Silver Spurs ($500)

2013:  Katlyn Goshorn, Stablemates   ($500)

           Erika Rockwell, Commancheros ($500)

           Katelyn Searing, Commancheros ($250)

2012: Andi Carls, Hoofbeats

         Linsey VanDyke, Commancheros

2011: Jessie Paul, Flying Hoofs

         Kodi Rubino, Hoofbeats

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